Our Committees

Connectivity Committees

Connectivity is required in its constitution and for purposes of good governance, to establish a number of committees. The Committees advise the Board and work with the CEO to deliver on the purpose of Connectivity. In the first instance the Connectivity Committees are the:

  1. Expert Committee and an associated Data Governance, Ethics and Risk sub-Committee
  2. Nominations and Remuneration Committee
  3. Finance, Risk and Audit Committee.

Expert Committee

The Expert Committee membership is nationally representative, geographically diverse, gender equitable and includes people with lived experience of TBI. The Committee provides expertise in each of the areas of TBI Improvement Activities as defined in our Constitution, and makes recommendations regarding Connectivity’s activities, funding of research programs and the content of this website.

Our Data Governance, Ethics and Risk sub-committee of the Expert Committee, provides specific advice on matters related to data management, privacy, ethical considerations and risk associated with research.

Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

The Finance, Risk and Audit Committee is a standing committee of Connectivity that meets for the purpose of advising the organisation on appropriate risk oversight and applying a level of monitoring of financial systems inherent in good governance.

Nominations and Remuneration Committee

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee is a standing committee of Connectivity that meets for the purposes of:

  • seeking, assessing and nominating candidates for the position of director of the Company
  • assisting and advising the directors and CEO of the Company in relation to the remuneration, bonuses and incentives paid to the board and senior executives, in order to attract and retain quality executives.