Sport-Related Concussion Short Course


Sport-Related Concussion Short Course

This course is a 15-minute interactive online course which educates coaches, umpires, staff, volunteers, parents and other interested people to recognise and manage a sport-related concussion injury. The course is self-paced, so you can enrol today and complete it at any time.

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You will discover:
Module I: What is a concussion and how do they occur?
Module II: Recognising a concussion
Module III: Responding to a potential concussion, concussion management and recovery
Special considerations for sport-related concussion

The course also includes stories from people with lived experience of concussion in a sporting context including:

  • Kellie Gibson, AFLW West Coast Eagles Player
  • Tom Bergin, former hockey player
  • Renee Forrest, jockey

The course additionally provides guidance on return to learn, work and sport, as well as providing downloadable fact sheets covering sport-related concussion and persistent post-concussion symptoms following sport-related concussion.


How to enrol in our Sport-Related Concussion Short Course

Enrolling in our course will take you to the Sport-Related Concussion Short Course landing page where you will need to create an account. Creating an account is free and super easy.

At the conclusion of the Sport-Related Concussion Short Course, there is the opportunity to invest in a personalised concussion course certificate of completion for $10. This is particularly relevant to coaches, managers, umpires, workers and anyone else who may require or want evidence of completion of the Sport-Related Concussion Short Course.


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It was a pretty severe concussion from the get go and it definitely changed my life in certain aspects.

Renee Forrest - Jockey

I reduced my amount of sport, I couldn’t play sport very often, there were a good couple of months where I just couldn’t do anything.

Tom Bergin - Hockey Player

Just because you can’t see it, you can definitely feel it. It doesn’t make you any less of an athlete if you need to take some extra time to recoup and make sure things are right upstairs.

Kellie Gibson - AFLW player


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the Sport-Related Concussion Short Course take to complete?

The course has been designed to take approximately 15 minutes to complete and also includes a range of optional, supplementary material.

Can I get a certificate upon completion of the Sport-Related Concussion Short Course?

Yes, you can get a certificate for an investment of $10 upon completion of the Sport-Related Concussion Short Course.

What will the Sport-Related Concussion Short Course teach me?

You will learn the following:

  • Signs, symptoms and red flags of concussion
  • What to do when you suspect someone has a concussion (management pathway)
  • When to seek medical assistance
  • Potential options for return to activity
Does completing this free online course make me an expert in concussion?

This course is not a professional qualification or accreditation. It provides knowledge and a basic level of concussion education that will make you more confident in your actions if you are a first responder to a concussion. The course provides an overview of what a concussion is, and how to spot a concussion when it occurs (e.g. identify signs and symptoms of concussion) and reinforces the importance of seeking medical attention. It also discusses different recovery trajectories that may be encountered following a concussion and features a variety of downloadable resources that aim to help raise awareness of concussions as well as practical steps that can help facilitate recovery.

Why is the Concussion Short Course free?

Connectivity Traumatic Brain Injury Australia is a not-for-profit organisation working to improve the lives of people with traumatic brain injuries of all severities.

We are funded by organisations that support our initiatives to inform and educate the Australian community.

Mild traumatic brain injury is an issue currently very relevant across Australia, so we have created our Concussion Short Courses to help the community further understand concussion and its consequences.