Introducing our Aboriginal Artist Timeika Reena Slockee

Connectivity commissioned Aboriginal artist Timeika Reena Slockee to produce graphics and imagery that acknowledge traditional land owners and our journey as an organisation.

We are thrilled to reveal our featured piece titled Gathering Circles, which incorporates our logo to represent the concept of sharing spaces to improve relationships with the community.


Introducing Timeika Reena Slockee

Hi my name is Timeika, my middle name is Reena and that’s who most people know me as.

I am a descendant of the Bardi and Yawuru people of Western Australia, Gumbaynggirr and Bundjalung nations of the North coast of NSW, and Yuin nation of the South coast of New South Wales. I am lucky enough to have many connections to my Aboriginal culture and am proud to represent all of my mob.

Growing up on Yawuru Country in the beautiful town of Broome, I have always felt a strong connection to my culture. Moving to NSW as a teenager and experiencing the cultural diversity between first nation Countries as well as our wider multicultural community, I was able to grow and appreciate all of my cultural connections.

Now I reside in the unique area of the Granite Belt region of Southern QLD on the border of Bundjalung country.

My art journey started a few years ago when I began painting with acrylic. I was strongly encouraged by my amazing partner and influenced by my artistic sister and mother in law. I was also able to draw inspiration from my mother, sister, uncles and great-grandfather’s skills in sketching and boab carving.

I have been intrigued with colour theory since I began painting and use inspiration from our country’s landscape, animals and ocean, and how these elements can be represented on canvas and digital art to influence my designs. Art is a universal language and I hope my designs instigate a sense of interest and appreciation for my culture and people.

My main focus at the moment is working with digital design and being able to translate painting and sketching techniques to be able to create more accessible products.Timeika Reena Slockee

Timeika Reena Slockee

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