Our Goal

The core goal of Connectivity is to improve lives for patients and their families following TBI of all severities.

Our Purpose

The company’s purpose is to promote the prevention and control of diseases and disease processes experienced by people with TBI, including from a physical, mental, neurological and functional perspective.

Our Mission

Connectivity will link together patients, carers, researchers, clinicians and health care providers to build the evidence base and improve outcomes for people following TBI of all severities.

Our Governance

To realise these ambitious goals within a strong governance framework, Connectivity Traumatic Brain Injury Australia is incorporated as an Australian Public company limited by guarantee, and is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

Connectivity is governed by an independent Board of Directors who provide the experience and skill sets required to deliver the needs of the organisation and its governance.

The Executive of Connectivity is the Chief Executive Officer, the Business Manager and the Marketing and Communications Manager.

Our Expert Committee is made up of senior experts in all aspects of TBI research and clinical care from around Australia, as well as people with lived experience of TBI. The Committee provides expertise in each of the areas of TBI Improvement Activities as defined in our Constitution, and makes recommendations regarding Connectivity’s activities, funding of research programs and the content of this website.

Additional committees serve Connectivity including the Finance, Risk and Audit Committee, the Data Governance, Ethics and Risks Committee and the Nominations and Remuneration Committee.

The company is independently audited by:
Bentleys Audit & Corporate (WA) Pty Ltd