TBI Local Area Networks

TBI Local Area Networks

Connectivity is proud to offer support to Australian Local Area Networks with a special interest in traumatic brain injury (TBI), including concussion.

Connectivity recognises the important role that Local Area Networks play in connecting passionate researchers, clinicians, allied health professionals and people with an interest in or lived experience of TBI.

Local Area Networks often serve as a hub where likeminded members can exchange ideas and develop initiatives to help raise awareness and better support those affected by TBI.

Connectivity is now offering Australian TBI Local Area Networks IT support in the form of a webpage and private portal hosted on the Connectivity website, and funding to help support general operation and specific initiatives that are in line with Connectivity’s strategic objectives.

If you are part of a TBI Local Area Network and would like to know more, please download the Local Area Network Application Form and Terms and Conditions found below.

Local Area Network Application Form

Local Area Network Terms and Conditions

For further enquiries, or to submit completed application forms, please email connect@connectivity.org.au