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In 2021, Connectivity commissioned a stakeholder engagement consultation facilitated by BehaviourWorks Australia to investigate the needs of people and organisations who encounter traumatic brain injury (TBI).


TBI is a complex injury that can result in life-altering consequences, especially if injury is moderate or severe. To help improve outcomes, numerous healthcare bodies have issued materials and developed best-practice guidelines to assist clinicians in the management of TBI. Research conducted in this space has indicated considerable variation in TBI management practices, and efforts have been directed towards identifying barriers and facilitators to use of TBI clinical practice guidelines amongst healthcare professionals.


In contrast, relatively little is known about the needs of individuals and organisations outside of the medical sector that encounter TBI. To address this gap, Connectivity commissioned BehaviourWorks Australia to undertake a nation-wide comprehensive stakeholder engagement consultation to identify and understand the current barriers and facilitators of best-practice management of TBI across a broad array of Australian sectors and settings that encounter TBI.


Insights gained from this investigation centered around the themes of i) the need for accessible, nationally consistent plain-language guidelines; ii) building research literacy, and iii) knowing one’s role in TBI identification and management. Accompanying recommendations have helped identify high-priority areas where future research efforts can be directed.


View the BehaviourWorks Australia report below:

What are the needs of people and organisations who encounter traumatic brain injury? 

As featured in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation

A special communication piece summarising the research and what the world can learn from its findings has recently been published in the internationally prestigious Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation.

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