Traumatic Brain Injury Lived Experience Advisory Group

Connectivity has a Lived Experience Advisory Group to ensure our deliverables are meeting the needs of the community.

Traumatic Brain Injury Lived Experience Advisory Group

To ensure Connectivity’s work delivers the best outcomes for all TBI sufferers, we have an active Lived Experience Advisory Group that helps guide the education, information, and research required to help people with concussion, and more moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries, as well as their carers.

Our group is a mixture of people who have suffered various traumatic brain injuries and people who are carers.

Connectivity is often called upon to assist in connecting researchers with people who have lived experience of traumatic brain injuries, be it mild (concussion), moderate to severe.

If suitable, and interested, members of this Lived Experience Advisory Group are offered the opportunity to take part in exciting research projects across Australia.

The main functions of our Lived Experience Advisory Group include:

  • Assist in identifying gaps in information available about TBI for sufferers and the community
  • Connect to researchers and research projects across Australia to help shape and improve future outcomes for TBI sufferers, and their families
  • Advise on most effective ways to reach TBI sufferers and convey information
  • Identify how Connectivity can best help people with TBI, including concussion.


If you have an interest in finding out more or joining this group please reach out to us via email.