Concussion Awareness Course

Concussion Short Course


Have you or someone you know suffered a concussion? Are you unsure what to do now, or unsure what to expect next?

Or are you simply just interested to learn more about concussions, including their potential impacts and consequences?

Enrol in our free Concussion Short Course Now

Connectivity’s Concussion Short Course has been designed in conjunction with the University of Tasmania to help you further understand concussion including recognising the signs and symptoms, how to manage concussion, appreciate the pathways to recovery and how concussions can impact your everyday life.

Joining this free course is easy. Simply create an account and begin working at your own pace. The great thing about our concussion short course is that you complete the course in your own time. Complete a module a day or choose to complete the entire course in one sitting, it’s up to you. To cover all the content within the course will take approximately 1 – 1.5hours.

Connectivity’s Concussion Short Course is available online to enrol now.

Why complete the Concussion Short Course?

Having had two concussions and a couple of bad falls in a short space of time, Connectivity’s Concussion Short Course has been so helpful for me to understand the reasons for my slow recovery. At times it has been a very scary process and it’s certainly taken me longer to recover from the second concussion. I loved hearing the personal perspective stories within the course, as I could really relate to their experience. It’s great to have a resource such as this to learn from.” Karen, NSW

“Over 30 years ago, I was in a multi-car pile-up where I was flung back into my seat and hit the back of my head. At the time I was diagnosed with whiplash, put in a neck collar and given pain relief. I was confused, uncoordinated and suffered from headaches and nausea for weeks. Once the neck collar was removed, I then had symptoms that felt like my head was not supported by my neck, headaches that turned into migraines, dizzy spells, car sickness, and what I called “cottonwool head”.

All of this lasted for years with having episodes of physio, pain relief and rest to cope with the pain. I have just completed Connectivity’s Concussion Short Course and found it so rewarding and validating.

I realise now that I probably had a concussion from that car accident all those years ago and that it was never treated back then like it would be today.

Thank you for providing the knowledge and education in this course.” Greta, QLD

To enrol in our Concussion Short Course please click the link below


Enrolling in our course will take you to the Wicking Dementia Research Education Centre at the University of Tasmania. Creating an account is free and super easy.

At the conclusion of the Concussion Short Course, there is the opportunity to invest in a personalised concussion course certificate of completion for $10. This is particularly relevant to coaches, managers, umpires, workers and anyone else who may require or want evidence of completion of the Concussion Short Course.

Professional development points may also be attributable towards the course. The Concussion Short Course has been accredited by the Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine.

Want to know more about the FREE Concussion Short Course?

View our FAQs to learn more.

What will I know when I have finished the course?
  • What a concussion is
  • When/How it can occur e.g. not just in sport, but in MVA, falls etc
  • What to do if you see or suspect someone has experienced a concussion
  • When to seek medical attention
  • Likely recovery trajectories following injury.
Who is the Concussion Short Course designed for?

The Concussion Short Course has been created for anyone with an interest in concussion. This can include students, athletes, parents, teachers, and those who work or are active within the following categories:

  • People living with a concussion
  • Family and friends of a person living with a concussion
  • People involved in vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian, road safety crashes and projects
  • Sporting associations, including coaches, administrators and volunteers
  • School communities
  • Aged care
  • Prison and reform centres
  • Insurance industries
  • Occupational Work Health and Safety Professionals
  • Health care providers
  • Defence Force Staff
  • Emergency Service Staff
  • Domestic and Interpersonal violence organisations
  • Personal Interest in Concussion
Does completing this free online course make me an expert in concussion?

This course is not a professional qualification or accreditation. It provides knowledge and a basic level of concussion education that will make you more confident in your actions if you are a first responder to a concussion. The course provides an overview of what a concussion is, and how to spot a concussion when it occurs (e.g. identify signs and symptoms of concussion) and reinforces the importance of seeking medical attention. It also discusses different recovery trajectories that may be encountered following a concussion and features a variety of downloadable resources that aim to help raise awareness of concussions as well as practical steps that can help facilitate recovery.

How long will the online Concussion Short Course take to complete?

The Concussion Short Course is designed to be able to undertake at your own pace. There is no scheduled start or finish time.

The content within the course is designed to be covered within 1 – 1.5 hours and is completed online.

You will have a personal login to the platform so you may stop and resume at a later day and time.

Why is the Concussion Short Course free?

Connectivity Traumatic Brain Injury Australia is a not-for-profit organisation working to improve the lives of people with traumatic brain injuries of all severities.

We are funded by organisations that support our initiatives to inform and educate the Australian community.

Mild traumatic brain injury is an issue currently very relevant across Australia, so we have created our Concussion Short Courses to help the community further understand concussion and its consequences.

What happens after I complete the Concussion Short Course?

At the end of the Concussion Short Course, there will be a multiple choice quiz. To successfully pass the course you will have to achieve an 80% pass mark.

You will be offered the opportunity to purchase a personalised certificate of completion at a cost of $10.

Will I get CPD points for completing the course?

The Concussion Short Course has been accredited by the Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine as an activity under the 2020 – 2022 Professional Development Framework.

Upon completion of the Concussion Short Course, you will be given the option to purchase a Certificate of Completion which notes 1.5 hours equivalent CPD points.

Otherwise please keep a personal record of the time taken to complete the concussion course if this is a requirement for you.

Is the course based on any other similar courses?

Connectivity commissioned a broad Stakeholder consultation which identified that available training resources could be improved. To our knowledge, there are no other concussion courses that have been designed for a broad audience and feature practical materials to assist someone responding to a concussion injury.