Role of allied health in treating mild traumatic brain injury: a national survey of practice

Role of allied health in treating mild traumatic brain injury: a national survey of practice

The team at Monash University are exploring current concussion clinic / mild TBI practices in Australia, and the role of allied health in these services.

What is this study about? While seeking the care of an allied health professional after a mild TBI can be an important step in managing symptoms and promoting recovery, little is known about national access and service delivery outside of an inpatient setting. The purpose of this survey, therefore, is to gather information about the resourcing, practices and clinical features of allied health services available for adults with mild TBI in Australia, as well as understand the clinical and research priorities of staff working in these services.

Who can participate? All healthcare professionals who work in an Australian healthcare service that provides services to adults who have suffered a mild TBI/concussion. The survey is only available in English.

What will happen to your information? The online questionnaire will collect and store your anonymous answers in Qualtrics (a secure database). Questionnaire data will be stored for at least 5 years on secure Monash University servers accessible only to members of the research team (current and future).  Monash University plans to discuss/publish the results in a peer-reviewed medical journal and at medical conferences. As your data is anonymous, your data cannot be withdrawn once the questionnaire has been submitted. Nor will it be possible to identify you or your service from the aggregated (combined) results.

Who do I contact for more information? Principal Investigator Natasha Lannin via email


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