Connectivity communication in Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation

Special communication published in Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation

Connectivity commissioned a stakeholder engagement consultation facilitated by BehaviourWorks Australia to investigate the needs of people and organisations who encounter traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Not only did this endeavour identify a number of barriers and facilitators of best-practice management of TBI across a broad array of Australian sectors and settings that encounter TBI, it also provided unique insight into the levels of understanding and awareness of TBI, as well as its management amongst non-medical stakeholders.

A total of three key themes were identified, each of which was accompanied by its own set of insights and practical recommendations that can be implemented to better support those individuals and organisations who encounter TBI.

More recently, a Special Communication piece summarising the research and what the world can learn from its findings has recently been published in the internationally prestigious Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation.

To view the Special Communication summary please click here.

To view the full report, please click here.

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