The Australian Traumatic Brain Injury National Data project

MRFF research grants – 2020 Traumatic Brain Injury Mission

Grant Duration: 2 years

Administering Institution: Monash University

The Australian Traumatic Brain Injury National Data (ATBIND) Project will identify the key determinants of outcomes for patients with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) across Australia.

Specifically, at the end of this project, the outcomes achieved will be:

  1. A valid determination, across Australia and pre-specified subgroups (including Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples), of the incidence of priority outcomes (following TBI), including survival to discharge home;
  2. A fresh and clear understanding of the main patient and system-level determinants of survival and function at hospital discharge;
  3. A targeted priority list of the major patient and system-level predictors for death and disability at hospital discharge;
  4. The development of valid models predicting death or disability at hospital discharge;
  5. The measurement, using current and extended targeted data, of the impact of variations in location, demographics, injury mechanism, system-level processes of (TBI) patient referral, transfer, prehospital care, emergency department reception and hospital care on hospital discharge disposition; and
  6. The establishment of a data-based set of national clinical quality indicators, targeting the identified key gaps (including for the health of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities) and inconsistencies in patient and system-level interventions linked to identified variations and inconsistencies in outcomes of Australians sustaining a moderate or severe TBI.