Systematic Profiling in Neurological Conditions Registry

Systematic Profiling in Neurological Conditions Registry

Edith Cowan University is currently recruiting participants aged 18-85 years who have formally been diagnosed with a neurological disorder by a doctor; caregivers; or people living without a neurological disorder.

What is the purpose of this research project? This research project aims to develop a comprehensive profiling system for people living with a neurological condition, which will provide clinicians with a tool to help tailor their treatment plan, as well as inform the development of individualised interventions.

What does my participation involve? A range of baseline and study assessments. Please see participant information sheet below for complete detail.

Do I need to attend in person or can I participate remotely? You can participate remotely from all regions across Australia.

Who do I contact for further information?  Manja Laws via email or phone 08 6304 2423

To register for this project please click below and email your details to the SPIN Research Program and a member of the team will make contact with you within 24-48 hours.


Please click below to access the Participant Information Sheet and further detail.


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